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     How to Choose Your Boarding Facility
The first step in choosing the best boarding facility for your pet is to tour the facilities. You should do this twice. Drop in, unannounced, on a weekend when they are busy. Stop in again, on a weekday. If they refuse to give you a tour or tell you to come back later, be concerned.
 "When it comes to cleanliness and health, the facility should not be constructed of wood, drywall, wallpaper, fabric or other porous materials.  Also, remember that gravel, ground, or concrete can't be disinfected either.  They too become contaminated hazards.  At Poochies & Mutts our entire facility is protected by XYPEX.  No other kennel in Green Bay has this level of sanitation protection built right in.  Come and see why we are an award winning facility."

Poochies & Mutts give tours anytime we are open. 

When you pick up your pet, go with the kennel assistant to see how they have taken care of your pet. If they will not let you in the kennel area, be concerned.

At Poochies & Mutts you may go to your pet’s room anytime.

The tour should be complete. You should be shown the entire facility from the laundry room to the area where the dogs relieve themselves.

All rooms at Poochies & Mutts are open to the Public.

Ask questions, lots of questions. The health and welfare of your pet should be their main concern. The answers should reflect your pet's needs, not yours. The facility should be clean and it should smell clean - even the bathroom areas - both human and animal. The facility should be constructed of materials that can be disinfected, not wood, dry wall, wall paper, fabric or other porous materials. The floor plan should be such that the building can be easily be cleaned. Ask to see where your pet will go to the bathroom. Inspect it. Does this area smell? 

How many times per day is your pet taken out to go to the bathroom? How much time do they get to spend in the bathroom area? How many other dogs use this area? How do they clean and disinfect this area? What do they disinfect this area with? Is the area were your pet will sleep large enough that if they had an accident they could avoid it and still have a place to sleep? Is there a drain in their room in case they have an accident? Is there a bed? Is it raised off the ground? Is it comfortable? Can it be disinfected? Is there a water dish? Can it be tipped over? Where does the water go when it is tipped over? Who will fill it? When will they fill it? How will they know? How do they know what to feed your pet? How much? When? What about medications? Are there scheduled play times? Are you able to see your pet during play times live on the Internet?

Finally, when taking a tour, try to be courteous and patient. Calmly tolerate delays. The personnel’s first concern should be the pets under their care, then their existing customers and lastly, you. After all, when you become their customer isn't that the way you want them to treat you and your pet? 


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