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     Canine Cough
Canine infectious tracheobronchitis (canine cough or Bordetella) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to prevent, and spreads very easily and quickly, especially in situations were your pet is in contact with other dogs such as Dog Parks, Dog Shows, Vet’s Offices, Training Classes, Day Care, Grooming Salons and Kennels.  It is characterized by a dry harsh cough that occurs with activity or excitement.  Most cases of Canine Cough will resolve themselves in approximately two weeks.  Providing a comfortable low stress environment, good nutrition and antibiotics will all aid in recovery.
Canine Cough can be caused by a number of different bacteria, viruses or mycoplasamas; one of the more common ones is Bordetella Bronchiseptica.  Immunization with the Bordetella Vaccination is an important part of Canine Cough prevention but it is not a guarantee your pet will not get some type of Canine Cough.

The best way to lower your pet’s risk of contracting Canine Cough is to minimize your pet’s contact with other dogs. In many cases this is not practical, nor is it any fun for your pet. Dogs are pack animals that love and need the social interaction with other dogs.In order to reduce the chances of your pet contracting Canine Cough, we require all dogs to be vaccinated at least once a year with the Bordetella Vaccination before they may participate in any activities at Poochies & Mutts.
We take these additional steps to provide a healthier environment for your pet. The floors are sealed with Xypex and walls are sealed with epoxy paint. We disinfect daily using Trifectant and bleach. There are eight pressure washers sites. The water and food dishes are stainless steel and are sanitized between guests. Blankets are nylon and are washed between guests. The dog’s bathroom area is disinfected daily. We have air exchangers that exchange the inside air around the clock, providing fresh air at a constant temperature. There is no wood, dry wall, wall paper, or furniture in the kennel area. These items, once contaminated, can not be sanitized. The most important step is the supervision and contact your pet receives from trained, experienced and loving caregivers.
We provide the finest boarding conditions offered in kenneling. However, there is no way we can completely prevent your pet from getting “Canine Cough” or any other disease. You do take a risk boarding your pet anywhere. The bacteria, virus and mycoplasamas that cause Canine Cough are present in all kennels. Nevertheless, here at Poochies & Mutts, we are the cleanest kennel in Green Bay. Stop in anytime and see for your self.
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