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Features of Poochies & Mutts

 Grooming - Grooming isn’t just about style. It’s also about keeping your pet healthy, happy, and feeling great.
 Critter Camp - Doggie Daycare. Story Time. Play Area. 18,000 Square Foot Facility. Doggie Pool. Live on the Internet.
 Cattery - Our Cat Condos were designed for the pleasures of "Cats". Vertical levels, plenty to see, a soft bed to curl up in.
 Kennel - They each have their own bed with a heavy fleece blanket and self-filling water dish.
 Play Areas - Each play area is staffed with one or two trained staff members anytime more than one dog is present.
 Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash - Featuring the HydroSurge® bathing system and the Granddaddy high velocity dryer by MDC Romani, Inc.
 24 Hour Drop Off & Pick-Up - You may drop-off your pet before hours by using the code to enter the front vestibule.
 Alarm System - Poochies and Mutts has state of the art monitoring of its building for trespass, fire and temperature.
 Website - "Critter Cam" You can go to our website and watch our Canine Guests having fun in our play areas or sleeping in their room at night.

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Poochies & Mutts®
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Hours Open: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Poochies and Mutts

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