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    Pet Grooming at Poochies and Mutts, Inc.
The Posh Poochie Salon offering the finest in pet grooming...
with lots of attention to detail 
More Posh Poochies Services 

•Nail Trim
•Dremel Nails
•Anal Gland Expression
•Hot Oil Treatment
•Polish Nails
•Herbal Ear Wash
•Foot Massage with Protect-a-Pad

We are a full service salon. Our stylists can give your pet a "Complete Groom", "Bath and Brush". Prices vary by Breed, Coat Condition, and Temperament. Please call for a quote. 

Grooming isn’t just about style. It’s also about keeping your pet healthy, happy, and feeling great. Grooming at regular intervals will keep your pet’s skin and coat in good condition and can help prevent many problems. Dogs that live primarily indoors are exposed to artificial light so they may shed and grow coat all year long. Is dog hair a problem at your house? Our high quality grooming will target that dead undercoat and remove it in a safe and healthy way. 

Our staff has over 24 years experience in pet grooming.  At Poochies & mutts we strive to help all our guests enjoy their grooming experience.  We will take our time and help your pet become comfortable with the procedures.  Our stylists will explain what needs to be done and will work with you on a clip that not only meets your needs but will ensure your pet has a pleasurable experience. 


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Poochies & Mutts®
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Poochies & Mutts, Inc.
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Hours Open: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
With 24 Hour Drop Off and Pickup

Poochies and Mutts

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