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24 Hour-Drop Off and Pick-Up

We are open 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Daily, if these hours are not sufficient to meet your needs, we offer 24 hour drop-off and pick-up service. The service works as follows; The front vestibule is our drop-off and pick-up facility. One of the outside doors has a combination lock, after making special arrangements by phone or in person, you will be given the combination to that lock which will allow you to enter the front vestibule.  Drop-off: You may drop-off your pet before hours by using the code to enter the front vestibule.  Once inside you will place your pet in one of the cages located there, at 7:00 AM we will take your pet to their bedroom or grooming appointment. Pick-up: At 6:00 PM we will place your pet in one of the cage in the front vestibule, by using the code and entering the vestibule you may pick-up your pet after hours.  There is a $5.00 Fee for both services. As an alternative to after hour’s pick-up, we recommend leaving your pet for one more night stay in their bedroom.  If you pick-up before noon the following day there will be no charge for that day.  Your pet will be more comfortable and you will save $5.00.  No one is allowed or will be able to enter beyond the front vestibule.  The second set of doors are locked and alarmed.  Poochies and Mutts has state of the art monitoring of its building for trespass, fire and temperature. 

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